OAMH began when one of the founders, Mike Caldwell, read an article in the local newspaper in regards to the Wasco County Sheriff Lane Magill who had contacted a combat Veteran who was threatening suicide. In his attempts to help, he tried to make arrangements to drive the Veteran, on his own time, to a VA hospital only to be told the Veteran was going to have to wait for his appointment which was scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Later, the Sheriff learned the Veteran did in fact commit suicide prior to his appointment.

Shortly after reading this article Mike was watching a program on TV that highlighted hunting trips for severely disabled Veterans. The combination of those two actions that night left him wondering "Why can't we do that here?".

Within the next few days Mike contacted Lane Magill, Hal Woods, Fred Coleman, Keith Nantz and Eric Hyatt. They all supported the idea and shared a desire to try and help Veterans through their passion for the outdoors and are now the founders of OAMH.


OAMH takes documented wounded combat Veterans' of Oregon on guided, all inclusive, outdoor adventures including hiking, skiing, backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping etc...  So far, OAMH has provided over 30 outdoor adventures to wounded combat Veterans' including hunts for turkey, deer, elk and Columbia River fishing trips.  We strive to increase our applicant pool and broaden the types of activities we offer.

“If you are a Veteran, all you have to do is let us know about something you want to do, and we will do our best to make it happen.”
— Fred Coleman - OAMH President